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Free delivery available in the downtown area

Call ahead with your orders!

($10.00 min.)


Bagel Flavors

Blueberry, Broadway, Bacon Cheddar*, Cinnamon Raisin, Cranberry, Garlic, Jalapeno Cheddar, Rosemary Focaccia*, Pumpernickel,

Sweet Ginger & Garlic, Onion, Poppy Seed, Asiago*,  Sesame Seed, Snickerdoodle, Onion Swiss*, Spinach & Herb, Garlic Parmesan*, Plain, Salt, Multi-Grain,  GLUTEN-FREE BAGELS (in limited quantities): Cinnamon Raisin, Whole grain, Everything, and Plain - $1.50 extra charge per bagel.


One Bagel .95

Baker’s Dozen (13 Bagels) 9.95

Baker’s 1/2 Dozen (7 Bagels) 5.50

* extra .25

+ seasonal

Pizzagel ** 1.30


Cream Cheese Flavors


Plain, Veggie, Bacon Scallion, Cucumber & Red Onion, Garlic & Herb,  Lite Plain, Honey Walnut, Jalapeno, Mountain Berry,  Lox**, Sundried Tomato**,  Artichoke Parmesan**, Chipotle, Sweet Red Chili.


W/ Bagel           2 oz.           10 oz.

Plain or Lite Plain Cream Cheese

2.75                  1.85             3.95

Flavored Cream Cheese

2.75                  1.85             3.95

Specialty Cream Cheese**

2.95                  2.05             5.10

** Specialty Cream Cheese + Seasonal


Other Toppings

Butter .75

Our homemade orange honey butter .75

Peanut butter 1.25

Jam or honey .75

Our Homemade Hummus 1.85

Side of dressing .75


Bagel Sandwiches

Create Your Own 7.10

Your choice of bagel*, cheese (cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, or provolone), choice of 3 veggies (lettuce, tomato, red onions, cucumbers, bell peppers, sprouts), mayonnaise & Dijon mustard, served with a kosher dill pickle spear:


  • Almond Chicken Salad
  • Pastrami
  • Veggie
  • Ham
  • Tuna Salad
  • Turkey


California Veggie 6.85
Guacamole, bell pepper, sprouts, tomato, red onion, cream cheese


the Cypress 6.85
Pesto, feta cheese, tomatoes, red onion, sprouts


the Godfather 7.10

Salami, provolone cheese, mustard, mayo, 3 veggies, Italian dressing


the Griz 7.10
Turkey, bacon, choice of 3 veggies


P.B.&J. 3.95
Your old favorite, on your favorite bagel


Main Street 7.00
Cream cheese, guacamole, bacon, red onion, tomatoes, sprouts


Our Famous Red Neck Sausage® Bagel Dog 4.85
A full 1/4 pound cheddar dog, wrapped in a Plain or Broadway bagel, baked to perfection


the Carousel 5.35
Peanut butter, honey, & sliced bananas on your favorite bagel


the Mediterranean 5.45
Our homemade lemon hummus, sprouts, red onion, tomatoes


Qwerky Turkey 7.10
Turkey, cream cheese, whole cranberry sauce, sprouts, and toasted sunflower seeds. Try it on a cranberry bagel!


the Full Monty 7.10
Pulled pork marinated in sweet barbecue sauce, sautéed onions, topped with your favorite cheese. Open-faced or closed


the Gorge 5.45
Cream cheese, sunflower seeds, black olives, sprouts, & red onions on a bagel


B.L.T. 6.85
Yes – bacon, lettuce, & tomato on a bagel of your choice


Lox Sandwich 8.45
Genuine Nova lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions, and capers


Cheese Melt – open faced 3.95
Your choice of Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack or Provolone on your bagel* of choice


Pastrami, Ham or Turkey Melt 7.10
Open-faced with your choice of cheese


Reuben Melt – open faced 7.10
Swiss cheese, pastrami, sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing


Tuna Melt – open faced 7.10
Our homemade tuna salad, topped with slice of cheese on each half of bagel


Turkey Deluxe Melt 7.10
Turkey, red onions, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, Ranch dressing


Veggie Melt 6.45
4 slices of cheese, red onions, tomatoes & sprouts


*Add .75 for extra veggie or cheese (limit 2 extra items)

*Prices and menu items subject to change


Hot Drinks

Hot Beverages (can be ordered cold)

Hot Tea (black or herbal) 1.75

Hot Chocolate made with steamed milk 2.50/2.75/3.25

Gourmet Coffee

Small 1.85 Medium 1.95 Large 2.25


Espresso – Straight/Americano (2nd shot is free!) 2.00/2.00/2.25

Latte 3.15/3.25/3.50

Cappuccino 3.15/3.25/3.50

Mocha 3.45/3.75/4.10

Caramel Caffe Tall 3.55

Steamer Tall 2.55

Oregon Chai Tall 3.55

Italian Soda (Tall) 2.55


*Add .75 for extra shot or flavor

*Add .75 for Soy milk and half & half



Cold Beverages

Fountain Soda 1.65 / 1.85

Fresh-brewed Iced Tea, (In Season) 1.65 / 1.85

Fresh-brewed Iced Coffee  2.25

Frappés with Espresso  3.95

Double Chocolate Iced Hot Chocolate!  4.10

Frozen Mixed Berry Lemonade   1.95

Bottled Beverages

Milk 1.75

Bottled Water 1.75

Bottled Soda 1.75

V-8 1.75

V-8 Splash 1.75

Odwalla Juices  3.25

Fruit Juice 1.75



Early Bird ***

Before 8:30 am – Bagel* with cream cheese**, coffee or tea

Sm.__4.10 Med.__4.25 Lg.___4.45


Breakfast Bagel (served all day) 4.85

Bagel*, egg, cheese, bacon, ham or sausage


Veggie Breakfast Bagel 4.85

Bagel*, egg, cheese, scallions, mushrooms, tomatoes


Fiesta Breakfast Bagel 5.25

Bagel*, egg, cheese, bacon, ham or sausage with diced bell peppers and salsa


Pesto Breakfast Bagel 5.25

Egg ,pesto, meat, feta cheese, and sliced tomatoes


Lox Breakfast Bagel  8.95

Egg, sliced lox, cream cheese, sliced tomatoes and red onions


Five-Alarm Breakfast Sandwich  5.25

Egg, meat, cheese, jalapenos, and chipotle adobo sauce


Lunch Special 6.15

After 10 am – Bagel* with cream cheese**, and soup or salad


Lunch Combo 9.15

Any sandwich*, chips or cookie, and medium fountain drink

*Add $2.85 for Lox sandwich


Homemade Soups and Salads 3.95


Soup & Salad Special 7.15


"Office Box” 14.25

12 sliced bagels,*10 oz. cream cheese, jam and butter, with napkins and knives, all packed in a convenient box for meetings, etc. If at all possible, please call ahead for your office box orders.

*Add .25 for specialty bagels

**Add 1.15 for specialty cream cheese


Coffee Box To Go : 96 or 128 oz. of hot coffee in handy to-go box for meetings, etc. Boxes hold enough for 12 or 16-8oz. cups of coffee. Please call ahead with your orders so we can have them ready for you when you come.

  • Just coffee and cups:    $19.80
  • Loaded: Coffee, cups, sugar, sugar substitute, cream,  & stir sticks.   $22.50


+ Try our Homemade Desserts and Cookies made fresh on the premises daily! Prices vary.


+ Bagel & Cream Cheese Party Trays available!
Call for prices.


+ Yogurt & Berry Parfaits topped with our homemade granola  3.85